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Ability Levels

As coaches, we want you to be as stoked on snowboarding as we are and believe the happiest you can feel on snow is when you’re progressing. Fortunately, everyone - even professional snowboarders - can always improve. Our ultimate goal is to equip our clients with the ability to enjoy riding any slope, in any snow condition, and look good doing it.

Who joins our snowboard camps?

No matter what your level, if you want to snowboard better, we have a course for you.

Having said that, certain courses and resorts aren’t suited to every experience level. So, on each course page you’ll find a “Who’s it For” section identifying the required ability level.


Below we describe our snowboard levels. Decide which level best suits you and when you book your place we’ll ask for your snowboard ability.

Unsure which course would be best for you? Please contact us.

snowboard Groups

At Nonstop we’re not into the use of a “ride-off” (asking clients to ride a slope in front each other as the coach judge skill levels). Instead, we arrange our snowboard groups before the course starts using details you’ll provide in our pre-trip survey. Tweaks to the groups can always be made if necessary.

We’ve been operating since 2002 and are lucky to welcome lots of snowboarders each winter. This enables us to have several snowboard groups - each tailored to different experience levels.

the next travis rice?

If you’re worried you might be too good for us, think again! We recognise that the better you get the more challenging it becomes to find other riders who want the same snowboard experiences as you. Nonstop can help; we welcome experienced riders each winter so by joining our snowboard camps not only will our coaches help you keep progressing, you’ll also ride with similar minded snowboarders who want to ride at a similar pace on challenging terrain and deep snow.

the uninitiated

If you are travelling with a beginner don’t worry – you can still join the Nonstop course while we arrange alternative lessons for your friend or partner. That way you both benefit from the social aspect of Nonstop and both achieve your snowboard goals. Contact us for details.



  • Snowboarding is a new hobby of yours but you are hooked and want to learn more
  • You can link turns on green runs (a linked turn is changing from one edge to the opposite edge)
  • You have a preferred edge you like being on and will side slip when the terrain gets too hard
  • You have ridden down easier blue runs but steep blues and blacks are still intimidating
  • You are reluctant to point your board down the hill


  • Your confidence on a board is growing and you can change edges as and when you need too
  • You are exploring steeper terrain (blues and easier blacks or equivalent European reds) and making an effort not to side slip through difficult sections, but at times you have to revert to side slipping
  • You are prepared and comfortable when pointing your board down the hill on easier blue terrain
  • You have felt the sensation of ‘carving’ and being on an edge at speed
  • You are happy too explore easier off-piste and un-groomed terrain
  • You have toyed with riding switch but it is pretty uncomfortable


  • You are a confident snowboarder who enjoys riding a variety of terrain (including powder) but needs coaching to iron out bad habits
  • You enjoy snowboarding on black runs and going fast on groomed terrain
  • You can vary the size of your turn to suit the terrain
  • Riding switch is becoming more comfortable and you willingly try it on a regular basis
  • You are willing to push your riding in trees, moguls and steeps but need coaching and practice to become really comfortable
  • Steep blacks and difficult off-piste cause bad habits to return


  • You have been snowboarding for years and are comfortable when asked to ride almost any terrain
  • You can make adjustments in your snowboarding to allow for changing conditions whilst moving e.g. when riding from groomed to un-groomed or from a shallow pitch to a steeper pitch
  • You have experience snowboarding trees, moguls, powder, choppy snow, ice and any other condition the mountain can throw up, even if you cannot always ride it with style
  • You feel like you can ride anything but would like to be able to refine your technique and improve your control
  • You can carve at speed down steep blues and some blacks
  • Riding switch is second nature to you
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