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'MTM' Off Piste Ski CourseFernie, Canada - 4-6 Weeks

Master the Mountain

This off piste ski course combines powder coaching and backcountry training with a laid-back mountain town vibe. Run from powder-heavy Fernie, there is no better place to develop your thirst for untamed terrain and improve your skills in the soft stuff. An epic finale is the goal, with a four-day backcountry touring trip from the Boulder Hut, a remote cabin in the Purcell Range. Four weeks in duration, you can also extend to six weeks. Don't hold off for too long; each course is limited to 18 skiers and sells out way in advance!

This camp is also available in snowboard too.


Who's it for?
Age ranges
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Bring your snorkel! You might think that Fernie's 'Legendary Powder' slogan is a big claim, but seeing is believing! Fernie regularly tops the snow charts in Western Canada and, with its inland location, the snow is cold, light and a dream to blast through!


Fernie boasts five large bowls and you’ll get to explore every corner. With almost nothing off-limits, you're imagination will be able to run wild. You'll pick your line through the bowls, among the trees, through the gullies and off the many natural hits.


Fernie really does offer big mountain skiing at its best and all within the safety of excellent avalanche controlled areas. Fernie averages 48cm of snow per week while the resort is open, so you can expect more than a few powder days!


Fernie is the sort of resort where the most powder-hungry instructors want to live, so over the years since 2002 we have been able to form a team of the best high-level ski instructors in the industry.


You'll love skiing alongside them, as they polish your technique and give you the tools you need to enjoy such an amazing mountain. Before you know it you'll be shredding the best parts of the mountain with confidence and style. Your skiing experience will be changed forever!


With such an enviable amount of time on snow, we'll help you develop your skills across the whole mountain, tackling terrain you never thought possible, as well as perfecting those stylish turns in glorious untouched powder.


We'll teach you how to ski-tour and take you into the backcountry wilderness. You'll feel closer to the mountain than ever before, while enjoying conditions that very few skiers ever get to experience.


This course introduces you to ski touring and works its way up to an epic finale. With certified local guides in Fernie backcountry, you'll get familiar with your equipment and master the techniques for ascents and transitions, as well as enjoy fresh lines. This builds toward the ultimate adventure, where you'll head on a four-day touring trip. You'll take a breathtaking helicopter flight into Purcell Mountains, before landing at the Boulder Hut, a backcountry lodge retreat. You'll then spend four days experiencing an authentic backcountry lifestyle, touring into the great unknown and skiing untouched powder.

Weekends & Activities

The course is jam-packed with adventure and on top of your regular coaching sessions, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy of host of epic trips and experiences, including heli-skiing and cat-skiing.

Cat Skiing
First Tracks
Boulder Hut
Tech Sessions

A good night's sleep to match a great day on the hill, you'll stay in our lodge designed specifically for our courses. All rooms have queen-sized beds and facilities include a sauna and hot tub, ski storage and tuning room, movie room, full kitchen facilities and restaurant and bar, where all of your course meals are served. 

Course Milestones Ready to become king or queen of the mountain?
For those with more time on their hands, turn four weeks into six by joining a two-week all-mountain camp. You’ll begin to hone your skills in the steep and deep ahead of the main event.
Week 1
Welcome to Fernie’s laid-back town and legendary terrain. Coaching will focus on ski performance and ironing out bad habits. Experience First Tracks as you get on the hill for a sunrise ski. You’ll head touring on the weekend and learn how to earn your turns.
Week 2
You’ll be exploring more challenging terrain and hunting down steeps, gulleys and powder. Après, ice hockey and snow biking punctuate the week. You’ll also learn essential avalanche skills in a companion rescue day.
Week 3
Boulder Hut. The highlight of the month. The group is split into two and each will heli into the Boulder Hut in turn, for four epic days of touring, wilderness lines and good times.
Week 4
Return from the backcountry with newfound perspective. You’ll enjoy a final week in the dramatic bowls of Fernie as we continue to develop your skiing with small group coaching before a closing party.
Dates & Prices

What's Included

Professional Coaching +

The four week program is divided into two halves. Group coaching (weeks 1-2) consists of 20 hours coaching per week. Our full day coaching sessions are Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri, with Wednesdays and the weekends for free skiing, consolidating what you've learnt and other activities. The maximum group size is 7 people per pro but typically they are 6 or even smaller. During weeks 3-4, the guests in resort (not ski touring at the Boulder Hut) will receive two smaller group lessons.

Accommodation +

The Red Tree Lodge will be your home for the duration of your course. You'll have access to all the lodge's facilities, including:

Breakfasts - Seven Days Per Week +

You'll be treated to a hearty breakfast at the Red Tree Lodge seven days per week. Options include coffee/tea, juices, cereals, toast, pastries, yogurt, fruit, porridge oats, as well as hot items like eggs, beans, sausages, hash browns or bacon.

Dinners - Four Nights Per Week +

Enjoy a nutritionally balanced & filling three course meal at the Red Tree Lodge four evenings a week.

Season Lift Pass +

You'll be given a season lift pass so you can ski as much as you please. Come out early or stay on after, your lift pass will cover you.

Airport Transfers +

We provide airport transfers from and to Calgary Airport at set departure times.


During the 23/24 season, we will provide transfers at the following times:


Start date of course: meet the transfer at Calgary Airport at 5pm, opt for a flight that lands before 3:30pm.


End date of course: transfer will arrive at Calgary Airport by approx. 1:30pm, opt for a flight that departs after 4:30pm.

Resort Shuttle +

Daily shuttle to and from the slopes.

24 Hour Hosting +

Your host will ensure your course runs smoothly. They'll be on hand 24/7 for a chat, laugh, or to solve any problems.

Touring Day in Fernie +

Head into Fernie's awesome sidecountry and get a taste of what ski touring is all about.

4-Day Backcountry Touring Trip +

You'll head to the Boulder Hut for the culmination of your trip and enjoy 4 days of backcountry touring. All meals will be provided here.

Helicopter To and From Backcountry Lodge +

You'll be dropped off at the Boulder Hut and return via helicopter. It's weather dependent so we allow a window to fly.

Avalanche Safety Training +

Learn all you need to know to explore the backcountry.

Video Analysis +

Throughout the program our coaches will make the most of technical video analysis to help with your development.

Weekly Technical Sessions +

Each week you'll receive a technical talk on subjects like biomechanics, looking after your gear, and injury prevention.

Weekly Socials +

Each week your host will organise team socials and après for all the group to get involved in.

First Tracks* +

Head out onto the slopes before the lifts are open to the public - your own private mountain. Could be cancelled in adverse weather. *Only available on 6 week option.

Optional Extra Activities +

There is the opportunity to go CAT Skiing or even Heli Skiing. Or if you want to get your CSIA level 1 ski instructor certification this is also possible.

1% For The Planet +

1% of revenues support environmental non-profits, including Protect Our Winters

Carbon Offset +
We make your trip carbon neutral by offsetting emissions we can't reduce, including flights.
On behalf of all participants, we offset the measurable carbon emissions of your trip based on the duration, location and type of course, as well as the journey you’re taking to reach your course. Through our partnership with Climate Impact, we contribute to effective carbon reduction projects.
Not Included +

These things are not included in the package:

Flights +
We can give you advice on the best flights to get.
Travel Insurance +
We can point you to insurance policies that previous clients have rated. Some offer discounts to Nonstop participants.
Ski Equipment +
We provide you with specialist touring equipment but not normal ski equipment. It's best to buy your gear when in resort, if you don't already have it. Our coaches will give you advice on the best skis to get, and you can get a Nonstop discount at some local shops.
Lunches & Weekend Meals +
Make your own or try out some of the local restaurants or resort options.
Download Course Guide Everything you need to know about this course, at your fingertips.


Shall I come for 4 weeks or 6? +

If time is not an issue, then clearly, it’s a no-brainer to come for 6 weeks! This has traditionally been a 6-week package and we have only made 4-weeks an option to make it more manageable for people getting time off work. However, 4 weeks should only be considered if you’re already an advanced skier. The 6-weeks are composed of a 2 week All Mountain coaching camp immediately before the 4 week Master the Mountain course.

How good do I need to be? +

If you’re thinking about the 4-week trip, then you need to already have experience skiing in ungroomed terrain and feel comfortable on black runs. We can cater for slightly less experienced skiers on the 6-week package. Get in touch to chat about your current level of experience and whether this course is suitable.

Do I need to own any specialist equipment? +

We have our own fleet of specialist touring skis, skins and avalanche safety equipment which you are free to use on the backcountry trips. So, you only need your own skis, boots and poles for the course itself – we recommend all mountain skis and can provide further advice if necessary. If you don’t already own your own skis or boots, we would recommend you purchase these in resort, so you can benefit from expert advice and the friendly Fernie service.

How much time do I spend in the backcountry? +

You will spend 4 days at the Boulder Hut; a remote backcountry cabin in the Purcell mountains, only accessible by helicopter! Before this trip, you will spend two days learning to use your ski touring equipment in the ‘side country’ just outside of Fernie Alpine Resort boundary. All the remaining coaching will be within the resort; the majority of which will be on ungroomed and ‘off piste’ terrain. 

Who will be on this course? +

Due to space restrictions at the Boulder Hut, this course is limited to 24 people. The vast majority of participants could be classed as ‘career breakers’; i.e. professionals taking some well-deserved time out from their jobs to enjoy the mountains. However, it’s also common for us to have a small group of ‘gap year’ aged clients.

Which airport should I fly into? +

We provide inclusive airport transfers at set departure times from Calgary Airport; these are available on the advertised start and end date of the course.  Fernie is not that well serviced by public transfers, so we strongly recommend you plan your flights around our inclusive service.


Start date of course: meet the transfer at Calgary Airport at 5pm, opt for a flight that lands before 3:30pm.


End date of course: transfer will arrive at Calgary Airport by approx. 1:30pm, opt for a flight that departs after 4:30pm.

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